Revolution Post

Revolution Post first brought premier online and color into the client’s space, while maintaining our high standards and focus on artistry. Now our beautiful studios in Burbank and Manhattan offer a full-service experience.

We are still revolutionizing and perfecting the way online and color is done, with onsite Dailies, DolbyVision HDR, HDR10 and OTT deliverables of all types. We are a Netflix and DolbyVision certified facility. Artistry and a vigilant eye toward the future of picture finishing is what defines Revolution Post and engenders our client’s trust.

We don’t respond to trends, we create them.

The Revolution Story

After 15 years of friendship and crossed work paths, Dean and Devon forged their idea for a new style of online and color. “There is a better way to do this” was the phrase that sparked an idea that would revolutionize the full-service post house model. A few brainstorms later, Revolution Post was born.

With the technical expertise to put together their own unique systems, they designed online/color suites and brought high-end finishing to the clients who had the space. As the client list grew, Revolution put down roots in the neighborhoods of their clients, creating beautiful studios. We’ve assembled a top technical and creative crew whose expertise and talent define the best there is to offer in our industry. Though Revolution Post is finishing the top shows on television, Devon and Dean are still asking: “How can we do this better?”